Photographing Horseshoe Bend – Marco Schröder


These picture, I was somewhat surprised at these amazing outcome, is more or less a lucky spin-off (serendipity).
It is the result of a snapshot during our trip to the United States this summer.
We made a round-trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas.
During the journey we stopped at Page. We have heard about the possibility to take an amazing view at the Horseshoe Bend and the Antelope Canyon. We were impressed from the amazing view and the fantastic weather.

To be on the edge of an abyss we took this picture. This picture is a composing image of 7  single images, when the camera 1st hand-held (=without using a tripod). It is being processed as a HDR. I used a Nikon D600 with a wide angle lens 15mm.

marcoAbout me: I am an amateur photographer and i love to travel all over the world.

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Ida - November 16, 2015

Such a breathtaking shot. The view there really is unreal.

andrew - December 13, 2016

I went there over the summer, such a wonderful view.

Linda Stovell - January 4, 2017

Wow! Amazing photo! I’m hoping my iphone will take a reasonable photo! I love your photo.

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