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When I have decided to do the road trip of my life,

I knew that as a photographer, the iconic Horseshoe Bend is the best site that I want to visit!
I flew all the way from israel for a unique journey of a life time.

My road trip started from San Francisco, there I’ve rented a car, and drove to  HIGH WAY 1 , Zion National Park first to capture the Narrows. After Zion, Bryce canyon,and then to Page, Arizona where we stayed for two nights(next time minimum a week,so much to see).

Horseshoe Bend is an unbelievable place. So much energy!

I came at sunrise with my canon 5d iii and a wide angle lens 17-40, I also took my tripod with me, it is a MUST for that site in low light.

I came out with a shot of a life time !

My biggest tips for horseshoe bend are :
come very early.
if you will get some clouds in the same day you are lucky.
bring a tripod and your widest lens


nir amos
from israel
based in tel aviv

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