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Rainbow Bridge Air Tour

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Rainbow bridge is one of the attractions near Page that is very highly searched for, but the number of actual visitors is quite low. This natural bridge, the largest known in the world, is breathtakingly beautiful but very difficult to get to. The most time efficient way is a scenic air tour. Because of the […]


See Horseshoe Bend from the Air

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A great way to see Horseshoe Bend and the surrounding area is by air. You will fly over Horseshoe Bend, a hairpin turn in the Colorado River through the last section of Glen Canyon. Turning North, you will see Glen Canyon Dam and the Glen Canyon steel arch bridge. As you glide past the massive […]


See the Canyon from the River – Colorado River Discovery

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When you are standing on the edge of Horseshoe Bend, you may notice some blue and green rafts floating down the river. These visitors are enjoying the only half-day rafting trip on the Colorado River from the base of Glen Canyon Dam. Colorado River Discovery offers the most fantastic one day rafting trips anywhere on […]