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Alstrom Point Tours at Horseshoe Bend

What if we told you that the most exquisite, panoramic, knock-your-socks-off view of Lake Powell was one that 99.99999% of visitors to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area would never see? You’d want to know why, correct?

For starters, access to it is via a bone-jarring dirt road through one of the last areas of the Continental U.S. to be mapped. Many of those who attempt the drive end up getting lost or stuck, and stuck with an astronomical towing bill. And trying it in a rental car? Don’t even think about it! It was only inevitable that someone would have a problem with that, and that someone was Alstrom Point Tours at Horseshoe Bend! This brand-new adventure will take you deep in the heart of the backcountry of Lake Powell in comfort and safety.

You get:

  • Photo opportunities galore in one of the most scenic and remote areas of the American Southwest
  • A 270-degree view of Lake Powell that you’ll most likely have all to yourself
  • A comfortable, air-conditioned ride in custom 4-wheel drive touring vans
  • A one-of-a-kind, worry-free touring experience led by experienced, knowledgeable guides

What you miss:

  • Seeing your life flash before your eyes on axle-busting, cliff-hugging roads
  • Getting hopelessly lost in an area devoid of cell service or GPS capabilities
  • A dramatic search and rescue operation that ends up going viral
  • Your auto insurance company dropping you like a hot potato – if you live to tell the tale

What to bring:

  • Government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, state ID)
  • Enough water for your entire touring party
  • Realization that there are no restrooms at tour’s destination; use facilities prior to departure

Tours duration: 3 hours. Tours depart from Page, Arizona three times daily, weather permitting and possibly contingent on a certain number of passengers traveling.