Tips from the Pro’s – Brad Scott

horseshoe bend panorama 2 enhanced with punch fb

Congratulations on knowing about one of the most photogenic locations in the United States! Instead of giving you a standard tutorial I would like to paint a story in your head. It all started in Mesa Arizona. I had recently moved from beautiful South Lake Tahoe, CA ( my home town) and moved to Arizona to be with my girlfriend who was attending school at ASU. I knew … [Read more...]

Jeff Stamer – Photography tips from the pro’s

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Making the Most of your Photography Schedule in Page Arizona Unlike the other articles in this "Tips from the Pros" section...I'm not going to tell you how best to photograph Horseshoe Bend (I've already covered that in another blog post). Instead I'm going to help you schedule your day in Page in a way that will maximize your potential photography. Many of you … [Read more...]

Photography Tips from the Pro’s – Alaina Ann

Horseshoe Bend: Nikon D7000, Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED, f/9.0, 1/15 sec., 

10mm (May 2013)

From the Photographer: Horseshoe bend was a highly anticipated location on my travel bucket list. This grand overlook was my first stop during my cross-country road trip from Arizona to Maryland. I actually drove by the Grand Canyon to make sure I had plenty of time to catch sunset! Not many people willingly skip a visit to the Grand Canyon. Let me tell you, I made the … [Read more...]

Photography Tips from the Pro’s – Keith Briley


From the Photographer: It was January, 11th, 2014, and both my wife and I had a few more hours to kill. We had just wrapped up a personal tour through the beautiful slots of Antelope Canyon, and finished off a healthy dose of Jack In The Box (a treat for us living in Charleston, SC). Both my wife and I were in very unfamiliar territory, but knew Horseshoe Bend wasn’t too far … [Read more...]

Tips from the Pro’s – Aaron Meyers

Stormy Night at Horseshoe Bend

From the Photographer Horseshoe Bend is both awe inspiring and scary at the same time; there is no guard rail along the edge of the thousand foot cliffs leading down to the Colorado River below. In the monsoon months of September and August wind, lightning and rain, as seen in this photo, make this place even more terrifying. The walk from the parking lot to Horseshoe Bend … [Read more...]

Photography Tips from the Pro’s – Paul Reiffer


From the Photographer   So, you want to photograph Horseshoe Bend? Well, you've made the first step that I failed on two previous occasions of visiting Page, AZ - you at least know it's there!   July 2012 was my first awareness of Horseshoe Bend's existence. Although I'm from England, I've shot a lot of the US National Parks in my career (indeed, … [Read more...]

Tips from the Pro’s – Trevor Murphy

Horseshoe bend grad 400

From the Photographer Horseshoe Bend and photography go hand in hand and the first glimpse of the Bend will stay with you forever. Capturing that moment in a quality photograph can be as rewarding as standing on the cliff itself. Here is how I approached photographing Horseshoe Bend and my technique. I used a Canon 5d MarkIII with Canon 8-15mm lens, tripod and shutter … [Read more...]

Photography Tips from the Pro’s – Joshua Cripps

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From the Photographer: Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River is one of THE classic southwest photo locations. And in my ignorance, I didn’t even know I was there until I practically fell into it. Early on in my photography career I was driving blindly through northern Arizona on a road trip and had no idea what was where. It wasn’t until I hit the outskirts of Page and saw the … [Read more...]

Photography Tips from the Pro’s: Colleen Miniuk-Sperry

The Colorado River meanders through Horseshoe Bend, near Page, Arizona. Technical information:  Canon 5D Mark II, 16-35mm lens at 16mm, f/22 @ 1/5 second, no filters, tripod and cable release, basic post-processing in CS5 Adobe Photoshop

From the artist For millennia, the rushing waters of the Colorado River have carved a sinuous path from Glen Canyon to Marble Canyon.  Now, the river meanders through the Horseshoe Bend, where the desert floor dramatically drops 1,000 feet to provide visitors a breathtaking view of one of the last stretches of scenic Glen Canyon that remained untouched after the completion … [Read more...]

Sunrise to Sunset Photo Series


In this series of photographs, Brian Klimowski answers one of our most commonly asked questions, "What is the best time of day to photograph Horseshoe Bend?" Thanks to his efforts, you can get a sense what what time you should be there depending on the effect that you want (and your luck with the weather!) Thanks Brian! FROM THE ARTIST In my photography I not only … [Read more...]