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“Help! I Can’t Do The Hike to Horseshoe Bend…”

By Alley Keosheyan

As travelers plan their spring and summer vacations to Northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, invariably the topic of Horseshoe Bend comes up. For some, it comes with a heaping helping of trepidation about the length and difficulty of the walk to the overlook. Since we know you’re busy, we’ll save some of […]


How to Get to Horseshoe Bend From Las Vegas

By Alley Keosheyan

If you’ve taken the time and trouble to get to Sin City (aka Las Vegas), it would be a sin not to visit the most iconic entrenched meander on the planet, Horseshoe Bend, and nearby Antelope Canyon. While normally we’d “second that emotion,” we wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly if we didn’t tell you […]


Best Time to Visit Horseshoe Bend

By Alley Keosheyan

“So, what’s the best time to visit Horseshoe Bend?” Hope you’ve got a minute, because the answers you’re bound to receive are as diverse as the languages you’ll hear spoken by visitors at the overlook! When prospective visitors to Page/Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon and the American Southwest want to get the best travel advice […]


How to get here

By admin

UPDATE: Highway 89 from Flagstaff to Page has been repaired and is open to all traffic. Directions to Horseshoe Bend from Page, AZ From Page, AZ drive south on Highway 89 to between mileposts 544 & 545. Look for the exit lane and prominent dirt road on the west side of the road which […]


The Intimate Grand Canyon Experience

By admin

The trailhead to this easy hike is located just outside of Page, Arizona. It overlooks one of the most spectacular views on the Colorado River, 4 miles south of the Glen Canyon Dam, and 7 miles north of mile zero of the Grand Canyon. As you walk up the path, the trudge up the sandy […]


Sunrise to Sunset Photo Series

By admin

Click on the photo to learn how the light is different at various times of the day. Check out the all day series from Brian Klimowski – Photography Tips from the Pro’s


West Grand Canyon – Skywalk

By admin

One of the most popular questions we get asked is where the Skywalk is. Unfortunately, the distance between Horseshoe Bend and West Grand Canyon (where they Skybridge is located is quite significant.) Most of the time it is easier to take a tour from Las Vegas, as there are many day trips that are very […]