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Page, AZ Attractions Make RadSeason’s Southwest Top 7

If you’re planning a trip to the American Southwest and need help deciding which attractions to hit, out of Sydney, Australia has made it a no-brainer in their latest article, “7 Places You Need To Explore in America’s Southwest!” To break it down:
  1. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
  2. Monument Valley, Utah
  3. Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona
  4. Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona
  5. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
  6. Yosemite National Park, California
  7. Death Valley National Monument, California
No surprise that two Page, AZ landmarks made this list. That’s why we always say you need at least 2 full days here in order to do this incredible area justice! The Ultimate 2-Day Itinerary in Page, Arizona